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Asset Advisory
NexVal has developed a Comprehensive Asset Review (“CAR”) service to assist businesses that have issues relative to their fixed assets. It has been found through interactions with businesses that fixed assets, many times one of the most significant entries on the balance, have been overlooked. Relying on years of experience working with all types of industries, identifying and verifying their fixed assets and reconciling the financial records to the physical assets, Nexval’s unique service can assist businesses to meet their various requirements.

These requirements may occur as follows:

• Management mandates such as requirements to inventory and verify their fixed assets

• Fixed asset inventories to align all assets for all locations

• Potential to reduce property taxes

• Potential to reduce insurance premiums

• Identification of the status of each asset.

• Improve Return on Assets (“ROA”)

• Potential or existing SOX issues

• ERP integration both prior to activation or as a clean-up after ERP has been uploaded

• Implementation of a bar code tagging system to assist with asset control

• Fresh start accounting upon emergence

• Gifting of assets

• Asset componentization for IFRS conversion

• Pre and post purchase price allocation

Nexval works with company management to develop a plan that will address all issues. NexVal’s CAR service is a flexible service that can be customized for each project scope.